NOGA Deburring system, the acknowledged world leader in hand Deburring system/tool, constantly invests in quality product innovations. Our stated aim is to offer our customers the most competitive and best solutions for their Deburring...

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Noga Holding System is used in many industrial applications, as well also in private life it is often required to fasten certain objects in a particular position. For the mechanical industries, Noga Holding System offers two different systems for...

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Noga cooling systems is used in all metalworking operations, friction occur between the tool and the work piece, producing heat and tool wear. In order to alleviate these harmful influences, Noga Cooling systems or coolant is introduced at the...

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For removing chips and clean the chip trays on your machines.
Black finished steel hooks.
The Chip Hooks includes Ø130mm Special guard to protect your hand. NogaGrip Handle designed for maximum comfort in your hand. Standard length...

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Welcome to NOGA - Simply Sophisticated.
Noga Engineering is a manufacturer of machinist hand tools:
deburring equipment: Swivel blades, Scrapers, Countersinks and Chamfering tools.
These tools are used in metal working, plastic and plumbing industries.
Other product lines are magnetic base holders, mist & cool spray systems and the drop shot system.

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