DG Holder with double fine adjustment - DG6160

New Fine adjustment on Top with universal swivel clamp.

and Unique single direction Fine adjustment at base.

- Unique central locking mechanism with Noga designed spring loaded bearing.
- Dial gauge holder is 3 dimensional.
- Most powerful on/off magnetic base.
- Instant fixation in any position.
- Fast and easy to set up gauges into required position.
- Black finished Arms.



  • Clamp Holds: 6mm, 8mm,3/8",dovetail and back lug.
  • Bottom thread: Ext. M8
  • Weight: 1.45 Kg
  • Bottom Arm: 110mm
  • Top Arm: 101mm
  • Total Length: 282mm
  • Magnet Force: 800 N
  • Magnet Width: 50mm
  • Magnet Length: 60mm
  • Magnet Height: 55mm