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Noga has developed a unique fine adjustment mechanism which is placed on the magnetic base. This mechanism allows the hand to rest on the base rather than on the clamp of the indicator. Zero-setting becomes faster than with any other mechanism.

- Unique single direction Fine adjustment at base.
- Powerful on/off magnetic base.
- Holds 8mm or 3/8" (see catalog no.) and dovetail.
- Unique central locking mechanism with Noga designed spring loaded bearing.
- Five axis holder.
- Instant fixation in any position.
- Easy to set up into required position.
- Black finished Arms.

Articulated holders FAB - SPECIFICATIONS TABLE

All measurements are in mm unless otherwise mentioned

Holder Standard Clamp Arm Length Magnet
Order no. Weight Bottom Arm Top Thread Total Force Dimension
[Kg] D L1 L2 L1 + L2 + L3 [N] L W H