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Due to its stability and ease of use, Noga articulated holders have become the industry most wanted.
- New Fine adjustment on Top with universal swivel clamp.
- Holds 6mm, 8mm,3/8" and dovetail.
- Unique central locking mechanism with Noga designed spring loaded bearing.
- Dial gauge holder is 3 dimensional.
- Most powerful on/off magnetic base.
- Instant fixation in any position.
- Fast and easy to set up gauges into required position.
- Black finished Arms.

Articulated holders FAT - SPECIFICATIONS TABLE

All measurements are in mm unless otherwise mentioned

Holder Arm Length Magnet
Order no. Bottom Thread Weight Bottom Arm Top Thread Total Force Dimension
D [Kg] L1 L2 L1 + L2 + L3 [N] L W H
NF61003Ext. M50.525651178320403035
NF60103Ext. M50.325651178--------
DG61003Ext. M81.35110101282800605055
DG60103Ext. M80.34110101282--------
MG61003Ext. M81.9133113317800605055
MG60103Ext. M80.9133113317--------
MG71003Ext. M81.95163.5113347.5800605055
MG70103Ext. M80.95163.5113347.5--------
MA61003Ext. M10 x 1.255.1286.5222.558013001205055
MA60103Ext. M10 x 1.253.1286.5222.5580--------