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Precision measurements and set ups have been made very easy in recent days. With the help of the dial indicator and Noga magnetic base that holds it, we can track down any small deviations in blades, bits and cutting depths and avoid work being stopped and work time getting unduly wasted.

In general, Noga magnetic base is useful as a stand which holds the dial indicator, other measuring instruments and other field such as: machine construction, medical instruments, photography, light, sound and more. Noga magnetic base holders consist on three main parts: base, arms & top. Noga magnetic base is operated with just the turn of a switch and allows pinpoint adjustment.

The dial indicator along with the Noga magnetic base is an effective way of eliminating machine errors. This magnetic base can be attached in various positions to any attractive metal surface. The powerful base of Noga stand exerts a strong magnetic force that enables it to cling on firmly to ferrous metal surfaces thereby supporting the indicator strongly.

The articulated arm of Noga magnetic base reaches every possible position even upside down. It is an auxiliary tool for any general measurement and helps to increase precision and increase working efficiency. Noga magnetic bases are capable of a 360� rotation and offer considerable versatility. They come with some fine adjustments that make them well equipped for fine operations. These modifications have been designed to provide superior holding power and ease of use.

Noga magnetic base allows the dial indicator to maintain its level of accuracy throughout its full range. Protection and convenience have been kept in mind when designing these precision tools. Noga magnetic base have top fine adjustment which is made of metal and is the only fine adjustment to hold 6mm, 8mm and 3/8".

We have a wide range of magnetic bases available in the market in different models. Sizes of these magnetic bases vary from mini sizes to large ones. The small magnetic bases come with holders that are small in size and are the ideal instruments to be used when there is lack of space.




All measurements are in mm unless otherwise mentioned

Order no. Type Weight [Kg] Force [N] Thread L W H
HS1100Permanent round magnet0.123200M5--3025
NF0037On/Off magnet0.23320M5403035
NF3778On/Off magnet with fine adj.0.25320M5403035
DG0036On/Off magnet1800M8605055
DG3678On/Off magnet with fine adj.1.1800M8605055
DG0038On/Off magnet1.271000M8755055
DG0118On/Off magnet with fine adj.1.381000M8755055
DG1003On/Off magnet multi thread1.351000M6/8/10/12/10 x 1.25755055
DG0039On/Off magnet21300M10 x 1.251205055
DG0040Vacuum base0.4350M8? 92----
MG10033" clamp int.0.57--Int. M875----
MG10063" clamp Ext.0.60--Ext. M875----
MG01253" clamp with plastic cover0.6--Int. M875----
MA03204" clamp Int.1.16--Int. M10 x 1.25100----
MA03224" clamp Ext.1.15--Ext. M10 x 1.25100----