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Noga cooling systems is used in all metalworking operations, friction occur between the tool and the work piece, producing heat and tool wear. In order to alleviate these harmful influences, Noga Cooling systems or coolant is introduced at the contact points between the tool and the work piece.

Noga cooling systems offers four kinds of cooling systems:

1 NOGA COOL - Directing a flow of Cooling systems /coolant towards the contact point. In this application, coolant is forced through a Loc-Line flexible hose to a Nozzle, which can be directed to a preferred position. This hose is connected to a manifold equipped with an inlet for the coolant, another outlet to which another hose may be connected, and a shut-off valve. The base is in the form of a small, powerful 'Popeye' on-off magnet, which can be attached to a machine where required.

2 Noga mini cool - Spraying a stream of cold air mixed with small droplets of a coolant, towards the points of contact. With this cooling systems/instrument, pressurized air flows through a Loc-Line flexible hose to a special nozzle. This nozzle is made to form a ventury which creates a mixture of cold air+ a fine spray of coolant, which is sucked up through a small tube inside the Loc-Line hose. The nozzle is adjustable to control the amount of liquid spray delivered to work piece. The hose assembly sits on a valve which has two inlets, one for air and one for coolant. The air passes through a shut-off valve which also has an adjustment feature to regulate the air flow. The valve is connected to a 'Popeye' magnet as the MINICOOL

3 Noga Cobra - Shooting drops of a coolant-lubricant in a required direction. The COBRA is used where no cooling systems effect is needed, but only lubrication. Drops of adjustable volume are shot against a work piece. The COBRA is very useful, when small amounts of special lubricants must be applied.

The standard COBRA is connected to a NOGA modular articulated holder (DG60003), which is attached to a magnet (DG0036). On top of the COBRA a small bowl is fitted, for the coolant. An air inlet is located at the end of the drop size adjusting micrometer screw. Air is supplied through a special valve which can be actuated either by hand, or the valve may be fixed to a machine slide, to operate it when is needed.

On special order, the actuating valve may be replaced by a pulse generator which can supply 3-180 pulses/min. Furthermore, a 4 liter coolant tank can be supplied. An pressure regulator may be added, to finely adjust the force with which the drops are shot against the work piece. Also, additional valves can be added, to clear away chips.

4. Cool Arm - High Pressure conduit device

Fixed & Vari HP Cool Arms

Noga is introducing its patent pending newest product to the Cooling Systems line.

Our High Pressure (HP) Arms will become synonymus in the industry for stability and flexibility.

The Fixed HP Cool Arm and Vari HP Cool Arm can be fitted with three different sizes of nozzles which will deliver fluids or cooling liquids at high pressure, up to 1000 PSI, allowing a higher level of machining. The arms are easy and fast to set in position.

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