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Noga PH (Pole Holder) holders are the latest improvement of the traditional indicator holder.
- New Fine adjustment on the top with universal swivel clamp.
- Holds 6mm, 8mm, 3/8" and dovetail.
- Powerful on/off magnetic base.
- Strong arm lock by using the unique 3-point system.
- Easy to set up into required position.
- Black finished arms


All measurements are in mm unless otherwise mentioned

Holder Arm Length and Diameter Magnet
Order no. Bottom Thread Weight Post Arm Force Dimension
D3 [Kg] Dia. (D1) X Length (L1) Dia. (D2) X Length (L2) [N] L W H
PH6400Ext. M81.7Ø14 x 203Ø12 x 185800605055
PH6410Ext. M80.7Ø14 x 203Ø12 x 185--------
PH6600Ext. M82.3Ø16 x 260Ø16 x 2251000755055
PH6610Ext. M81.07Ø16 x 260Ø16 x 225--------
PH6800Ext. M10 x 1.253.45Ø18 x 350Ø16 x 22513001205055
PH6810Ext. M10 x 1.251.45Ø18 x 350Ø16 x 225--------