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  • Blade Scrapers

    Today's market has been flooded with many new metal, plastic and aluminum working products. Deburring Technology has undergone many improvements.

    Researchers feel that enough attention has to be paid to Noga blade scrapers. In many cases of metal, plastic and aluminum working, using Noga blades scrapers may be the effective way of reducing costs and improving the productivity of Deburring operations.

    In cases, when there is a need of scraping, it is better to use Noga hand tool with blade scraper rather than other tools or power tools. Noga hand tool with blade scraper makes a very quick work of scrapring, trimming and deburring almost all materials.

    The hand tool with blade scraper is perfectly suitable for tool and dies makers.

    Noga hand tool with blade scraper come in different varieties to suit jobs applications of different types. There is some hand tools with internal scraper blade for cross-holes deburring. There are some hand tools with triangular blade scraper that have been designed to provide fast scraping on hard materials.

    Noga hand tools with blade scraper are tools that have always been very useful aids in the Deburring industry. They will continue to be an integral part of the manufacturing industry despite the fact that that automation is fast increasing its pace of growth all over the world.