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    Noga Deburring Tools are available for Deburring rough edges in holes, for Deburring the inside break through of cross holes and also for Deburring sharp corners on external surfaces.

    Noga's most common Deburring tools are of the swivel-blade type. These Deburring tools consist of a cutting blade, freely swiveling in a handle, or in an extendable blade holder which fits into a handle.

    When visiting a modern manufacturing plant, be it making metal parts or plastics, the visitor will usually see large halls with many elaborate, automatic machines, and in an adjacent room he will see many workers handling every part coming from these machines, removing slight irregularities, burrs, which had appeared during the manufacturing process. For this finishing operation Noga makes a full range of Deburring Tools of different configurations, so as to enable reaching every location where a burr has to be removed.

    Noga Deburring tools including handles and blades that are made of high speed steel; some are available Tin coated or of cobalt high speed steel. Certain tools are also available in solid tungsten carbide.

    Another Deburring tools including handles with blade type that has two non swiveling cutting edges. They are made for Deburring internal O-ring grooves, internal threads, or deburring simultaneously both sides of sheet material.

    Noga also offers Deburring tools utilizing ceramic blades for Deburring plastics and other abrasive materials, for parting line flashing, for external sharp edges, and for Deburring both sides of sheet material.

     Deburring Systems

    3 MODELS:
    NG-1 holds all S blades (3.2mm).
    NG-2 holds N blades (2.6mm).
    NG-3 holds all blade holders (7.0mm).

                              Ergonomic - fits your hand like no other handle.

                              Two Components - soft and hard for maximum hand comfort.

                              Lightweight strong construction.

                              Easy and fast replacement of blades and blade holders.

                              Spare blades are held in back cap.

                              Lifetime guarantee.