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Deburring System

Noga new YT Handle is design to hold needle files. Range 2.5-4.4mm

We can suggest the NG9300 - Silver Unikit. which covers the hole range from 3.2mm-16.5mm by using our patented crancked countersinks for easy deburring.
This set contains also a reversible countersink, external contersink and S10,S20,S30 swivel blades which makes it the ideal set for MRO - Maintenance Repair Operation.

In the list below you can find a conversion chart for the deburring program.
Some of the items remained unchanged.
Look for the p/n that you used to buy and then you will find the alternative p/n.

Old itemReplacing p/n Old itemReplacing p/n
EO1000EO1000 IS1000NG3710
EO2000EO2000 SC8000SC8000
RB1000RB1000 SC4000SC4000
SG1000SG1000 SC5100SC5100
NB1100Not Avail. CR2000CR2000
NB3000NG1003 CR1100CR1100
NB5000NG1005 NC1000NG3200
TB1000TB1000 NC2000NG3220
LB1000LB1000 NC3000NG3210
RC1000RC1000 NC4000NG3230
RC2000RC2000 KW1000NG3300
RC2200RC2200 LD1000NG3800
RD1040NG1200 DB1000DB1000
RD4000NG1700 KW2000NG1100
CS1000NG3100 TC1000NG1600
RD7000NG3400 SP8000SP8000
SC1000SC1000 SP8100SP8100
MS1000NG3700 RB1200RB1400

Most of the swivel blades are grinded to work clockwise (for right hand users), However left hand users can use one of the following blades:
Symmetrical blades: Like S20, N2, S202.
These blades are grinded symmetrically and can be used by right and left hand users.

Left Hand blades: Some of the popular blades are available in a special version for left hand users only. For example: S10 LH, N1 LH, N1LH TiN, S101 LH, S10 LH TiN .

Noga program offers a wide comprehensive range of deburring blades.

For every type of deburring blades you can see the drawings showing the suitable applications.

You can find these drawings at the bottom left side of the page.

Please select the blade according to the drawing application were the area marked in red is the area where the blade works.

For some applications there is a selection of blades according to the workpiece material, blade material and grinding angle.

Holding System

In the list below you can find a coversion chart for the holding program.
Some of the items remained unchanged.
Look for the p/n that you used to buy and then you will find the alternate p/n.

Old P/NWill be replaced by Old P/NWill be replaced by Old P/NWill be replaced by Old P/NWill be replaced by
NF1008NF61003 DG2030DG61003 MG2030MG61003 PH3035PH3100
NF1009NF61003 DG2033DG61003 MG2033MG61003 PH3040PH3100
NF2040NF61003 DG2010DG60103 MG2010MG60103 PH3050N.A.
NF2045NF60103 DG2013DG60103 MG2013MG60103 PH3015N.A.
NF1016NF1022 DG2040DG61003 MG2040MG61003 PH2030PH6400
NF1019NF1022 DG2045DG60103 MG2045MG60103 PH2010PH6410
NF1007NF60103 DG1030DG61003 MG1030MG61003 PH4045PH6610
NF1006NF60103 DG1033DG61003 MG1033MG61003 PH4050PH6810
NF1035NF10403 DG1040D.I.Y. MG1250D.I.Y. PH2020PH6400
NF1030NO CHANGE DG1043D.I.Y. MG1010MG60103 PH2023PH6400
NF1033NO CHANGE DG1010DG60103 MG1013MG60103 PH2000PH6410
NF2030NF61003 DG1013DG60103 MG1050MG10503 PH2003PH6410
NF2033NF61003 DG1035DG61003 MG1053MG10533 PH2035PH6400
NF2021NF61003 DG1038DG61003 MG1600D.I.Y. PH2040NO CHANGE
NF2024NF61003 DG1050DG10503 MG1100D.I.Y. PH2015PH6410
NF1040NF10403 DG1053DG10533    PH4016NO CHANGE
NF1043NF10433 DG1015DG60103 LMG    
NF1021NO CHANGE DG1018DG60103 MG1040MG71003   
NF1024NO CHANGE DG1300D.I.Y. MG1043MG71003   
NF1150D.I.Y. DG1400D.I.Y. MG1035MG71003   
NF1015NO CHANGE DG1600D.I.Y. MG1038MG71003   
NF1018NO CHANGE DG1100D.I.Y. MG1200D.I.Y.   

Noga customers are using different types of indicators, most popular are:
- European Standard - 8mm
- American Standard - 3/8"
- Japanese standard - 6mm

.The indicators can be held by dovetail, stem or back lug. 
Noga Introduced its Universal swivel clamp FA1500 that can hold all sizes(6mm,8mm and 3/8").

All Noga FAT holders are equipped with the Universal swivel clamp as a standard.

Our smallest holder is the NF1030/1033 with a permanent magnet.
Magnet dimensions W16xL60xH32, Magnet Force 280 N.
The holder weight is 0.300Kg with arm length of 107mm.

Please refer also to attached topic at: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=015496;p=0
For more information about the product: http://www.noga.com/nogaProducts.php?prdID=NF1033

Thank you Chuck for your positive review.

Glad that you like our products.

Cooling System

The MiniCool units are totally independent units.
It works only by using air pressure.
The portable cooling unit can be mounted on the machine or on any metal surface by using the powerfull on/off magnet.  


All Noga products meet the strict requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001.